Erin Sullivan, Fire and Water, USA, 2016

Erin Sullivan, Fire and Water, USA, 2016

The Fire and Water series is inspired by the relationship between opposing forces. Borrowing from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (the acceptance of transience and imperfection), the Fire and Water sconces reflect dualities in nature like that of the feminine and the masculine or that of the light and the dark.

Cast in bronze from a single triangular fragment of burnt old wood, the pictured Fire and Water sconce preserves the natural character of its source material. The sculpted points of the black bronze relief face upward, radiating a warm glow using embedded LED lights. An attached curtain of horsehair dramatically descends from the base of the bronze. The sconce dramatically echoes Art Deco motifs.

New York-based contemporary sculptor Erin Sullivan employs the labor-intensive lost-wax process to create exquisite, realistic bronze interpretations of her organic subject matter.

As Sullivan works on a commission basis, custom dimensionality and finishes may be accommodated.

Medium: Black Patinated Bronze, Horse Hair, LEDs

Dimensions: 64” H x 11” W x 3” D, 162.56 H x 27.94 W x 7.62 D cm

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