Nader Gammas, Slim Sconce, UAE, 2017

Nader Gammas, Slim Sconce, UAE, 2017

Nader Gammas, Slim Sconce, UAE, 2017

While working on an exterior lighting design for a villa in Jordan, Gammas became inspired by the architectural columns surrounding the estate. The elevation was composed of thin vertical pillars offset from the exterior walls. When lighting the walls, the pillars became silhouetted. This concept was scaled down and placed on the wall to create the Slim Sconce. The LED light source follows the vertical structure of the lantern like fixture.

American-born Gammas holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Jordan and a MFA in Lighting Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York. Based in Dubai, Gammas’ mission is to enhance the built environment through light.

Gammas’ work is primarily informed by the architecture of the diverse cities he visits. Technology, culture, and historical context help guide his designs towards their final forms. Also paramount to Gammas’ artistic process is the concept of trial and error. By experimenting with how his works interact with existing sources of light and provide their own light, Gammas creates a playful dialogue between the environment and the light fixture. He states, “I experiment by building mock-ups; however, you can plan so much on paper of what you think light would do but the reality can be completely different from what you have imagined.”

Living in Dubai has strengthened Gammas’ dedication to creating innovative designs that transform how we interact with the spaces we occupy. As a relatively young city, Dubai presents a wealth of opportunity for conceptualizing and producing new designs. Gammas says of his new home, “Living in a place like Dubai makes me want to create different designs. There are a lot of opportunities and untapped talents here. If we as designers allow ourselves enough flexibility then Dubai can become our playground and a platform to set our vision. “ Prior to moving to Dubai, Gammas was responsible for the successful execution of residential and commercial lighting projects in New York, Los Angeles, Qatar, and Paris.

This fixture may be customized by changing the height.

Dimensions: 22.5″ H x 7″ W x 6″ D


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