John Procario and Alex Roskin, Anthropose, USA, 2023

John Procario and Alex Roskin, Anthropose, USA, 2023

John Procario and Alex Roskin, Anthropose, USA, 2023

On view in the gallery, Anthropose, the unique collaborative sculpture created by John Procario and Alex Roskin commands attention with its monumental presence and intricate craftsmanship. Measuring over 7 feet tall, this large-scale sculpture is a harmonious fusion of wood, bronze, and LED technology, marrying Procario’s expertise in freeform bent wood with Roskin’s mastery of curvilinear bronze sculptural furniture. Named “Anthropose,” the sculpture encapsulates its essence through its evocative title, which derives from the Greek roots “anthropos” (human) and “pose” (stance). Symbolizing the convergence of human form and artistic expression, the name aptly embodies the central thematic motif of the piece – a human-like stance that resonates throughout its composition, inviting viewers to discern subtle echoes of human movement and gesture within its curvilinear contours.

Ascending from the bronze base, Procario’s contribution takes shape in the form of a sinuous ribbon of blackened bent wood. Each strip of wood is meticulously twisted and sculpted, creating a sense of perpetual motion that is accentuated by hidden LEDs. The result is a mesmerizing band of warm light that traces the contours of Procario’s organic forms, casting dynamic shadows and illuminating the surrounding space with a soft, inviting glow. At its foundation lies Roskin’s signature touch – a trunk-like base of blackened bronze, which splits open as it extends towards the ground, revealing a polished bronze interior that glimmers with a golden hue. This base serves as a sturdy anchor for the sculpture, grounding it in both physical and artistic depth.

Born out of a collaboration between two visionary artists, this sculpture embodies the distinct artistic perspectives of both Procario and Roskin. Procario’s artistic journey, rooted in the traditions of woodworking, is reflected in his ability to transform humble materials into captivating works of art. A fusion of functional design principles with modernist sculptural influences imbues the sculpture with a sense of vitality and movement.

Drawing inspiration from artistic luminaries such as Richard Serra and Constantin Brancusi, Roskin’s sculptural furniture and lighting strike a balance between strength and elegance, capturing moments of kinetic energy frozen in time. Each piece exudes a palpable sense of life, inviting viewers to engage with its dynamic forms and explore the interplay between mass, volume, and negative space.

The commanding presence of their collaborative masterpiece is a testament to the transformative power of artistic collaboration and the boundless possibilities of creative expression. With its seamless blend of wood, bronze, and light, this sculpture serves as a captivating reminder of the enduring beauty and complexity of the artistic process.

Bronze, Mahogany Wood
91h x 41w x 41d in
231.14h x 104.14w x 104.14d cm

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