Pedro Friedeberg, Siamese Serpent, MEX, c. 1960s

Pedro Friedeberg, Siamese Serpent, MEX, c. 1960s

Pedro Friedeberg, Siamese Serpent, MEX, c. 1960s

Since the 1970s, Mexican artist Friedeberg has been captivated by pagan idols, using them in a collection of eccentric mixed media sculptures.  Siamese Serpent incorporates classic elements of Friedeberg’s work such as the use of disembodied santos heads, hand imagery and a gilded spiral structure culminating in a large hand displaying the sign of “devil horns.”  The work its highly unique given is large human scale.

Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg is best known for his surrealist work characterized by tense line work, vibrant colors, as well as ancient and religious symbols. Early in his career Friedeberg studied as an architect but did not complete his studies as his designs began to draw against the conventional forms of the 1950s. His work caught the attention of artist Mathias Goeritz who encouraged him to continue as an artist. Friedeberg became part of a group of surrealist artists in Mexico which included Leonora Carrington and Alice Rahon, who were rejecting the social and political art which was dominant at the time.

Since his first solo exhibitions in the late 1950s, Friedeberg has become one of Mexico’s most recognized artists, with his surreal artworks found in the collections of prestigious galleries and museums around the world. Often referred to as the last great eccentric, Friedeberg creates absurd and irreverent works that challenge convention and push the limits of the impossible.  Friedeberg has had a lifelong reputation for being eccentric, and states that art is dead because nothing new is being produced.

Dimensions: 69 H x 39 W x 46 D inches

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