Master and Protégé: Opening Painting Exhibition on featuring Knox Martin and Ezra Cohen.

Color in Steel: Indoor/Outdoor Design from Chris Rucker.

Southampton, NY—Todd Merrill Studio is pleased to announce the reopening of its seasonal summer gallery, an exquisite white-box space located at 11 South Main Street in Southampton, New York.

Todd Merrill Studio inaugurates the summer gallery with a groundbreaking exhibition on of two contemporary painters; noted Second Genertation on Abstract Expressionist painter Knox Martin and his celebrated protégé Ezra Cohen. Paired for the first time the exhibition will highlight the masterful distinction on in each artist’s unique understanding of abstraction.

Ezra Cohen, born in 1993 in New York City, is a known for his large, vibrant abstract paintings. At the age of 16, Cohen began studying at the Art Students League of New York under Knox Mar n. Mar n is one of the remaining Abstract Expressionist artists known as “the New York School”, which came to prominence in the mid 1940s as ac on painting was changing the course of American art.

Ezra Cohen’s paintings channel elements of the iconic energy attributed to the Abstract Expressionists while their distinct sophistication of palate distinguish them as uniquely Cohen’s. As Mar n’s teachings encouraged Cohen to explore art across me, the artist has turned to the works of earlier masters, from Titian to Matisse, for inspiration. While Cohen’s paintings channel elements of the iconic energy associated with the Expressionists, they also present a fresh, 21st century aesthetic.

Like Cohen, 94 year old Knox Martin, also attended the Art Students League of New York. It was here that Martin would develop a mature style marked by impeccable draftsmanship, a unique palate and simple shapes in complex compositions, which he would continue throughout his long career.

Martin’s professional career took off in 1954, when Franz Kline selected a painting of his for inclusion in the Stable Gallery Annual. Dealer Charles Egan took note of Martin’s painting at the Stable Gallery and invited the artist to produce a one-man exhibit on for the 10th anniversary of his eponymous gallery.

Throughout his career Martin has enjoyed praise from critics and collectors alike. His works have been placed in over 40 important museum collections in the US and internationally. In addition, the playful nature of his paintings has been translated into numerous large-scale mural commissions.

Ezra Cohen’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous New York art shows and open studios. In 2013, Cohen created a pop-up exhibition, “Paint on Canvas.” At what would be a sold out show, his works caught the public eye of collectors and curators. Today, Cohen has work represented in over 30 collections across the United States and Europe. In 2015, Cohen was awarded the Fantasy Fountain Fund Scholarship to a end an art residency at the Marchutz School in Aix en Provence, France. A member of the Art Students League of New York, he continues to study under Knox Martin.


Made from construction on grade steel the unique indoor/outdoor seating line from New York designer Chris Rucker, simultaneously accentuates and disrupts its materials’ original purposes. Reestablishing the durable and disposable into the delicate and permanent, the artist turns form and function inside out.

The sleek and minimalist Low Club Chair, Deck Chair and Lounge Sofa are made from folded mild steel, a material generally reserved for construction. The

works are powder coated in bright Mediterranean colors and outfitted with cushions created using the latest in indoor/outdoor fabric. As Rucker is available on a commission basis, the pieces can be made powder coated in a selection of colors as well as in waxed blackened steel or stainless steel.

In 2016, Rucker was the first American artist invited to create an installation at the Made in Cloister Art and Design center in Naples, Italy for which he created twenty different furniture designs in this signature method. His work has been commissioned by luminaries such as Steven Klein, Dennis Freedman, Neville Wake eld, Camilla Nickerson, and Madonna.


Following the successful winter exhibition of Shari Mendelson’s celebrated Artifacts series at Todd Merrill Studio’s Tribeca location, the gallery will present an in mate grouping of Mendelson’s sustainable vessels.

Chris Rucker, Indoor/Outdoor Steel Lounge Sofa, USA, 2017.

Mendelson spends hours studying ancient artifacts such as Greek, Roman, and Islamic glass and ceramic vessels on view at various museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With equal parts reverence and play, she reinterprets these ancient works in recycled plastic. Some of her pieces are a close facsimile of the original; others evolve out of the working process and take on a form of their own.

“I think about the great civilizations that have risen and fallen and what the remaining objects of our me will say about us to future civilizations,” Mendelson has said. “It helps bring a en on to the fact that plastic bowls— as these ancient vessels once were—are the symbols of our me.”

Mendelson’s vessels reside in several public collections, including The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (New York, NY), The Hood Museum, of Art (Hanover, NH), The Museum of Old and New Art (Tasmania, AU). Her works can be found on permanent exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston (Boston, MA) and The RISD Museum (Providence, RI).

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