John Procario, Freeform Series Light Sculpture III, USA, 2017

John Procario, Freeform Series Light Sculpture III, USA, 2017

John Procario, Freeform Series Light Sculpture III, USA, 2017

Freeform Series III  has the same undulating movement found in the two previous works from the Freeform Series.   Made of bleached ash, Procario has treated the work with a sprayed aluminum for a reflective, metallic finish.

Having grown up around his carpenter father’s workshop, John Procario took his love for woodworking and brought it into the world of design. After studying sculpture in grad school, Procario developed a unique aesthetic that influences his sculptural furniture and lighting. It began with the idea of wood being a metaphor for the body. Wood will bend comfortably to a point, then break; just like bone or muscle. Wood has its limit. Procario pushes that limit to create a sense of strain in the gesture, conceptually allowing beauty to be the product of strain.

His furniture and sculptural luminaires are made up of micro-laminated, cold pressed, bent wood. Procario starts his process by twisting ribbons of paper to explore physical designs. Rather than using these models to control the shape, he allows the wood do as it pleases, making the process something like a collaboration between the craftsman and the wood’s personality. The outcome is beautiful, organic, fluid and balanced with an ease of motion.

As the artist works on a commission basis, custom dimension and finishes can be accommodated for a bespoke piece.

12H x 30W x 72D inches

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