Tjitske Storm

Tjitske Storm

Renowned contemporary fiber artist Tjitske Storm is celebrated for her captivating tapestries that delve into the natural world while seamlessly merging age-old craftsmanship with modern technology. Storm’s art embodies the convergence of contrasting realms, where the fluid elegance of organic forms intersects with meticulously crafted geometric compositions. Her creative journey commences with high-resolution photography and culminates in vivid digital collages that achieve a graceful equilibrium between recognizable components and intricate abstract structures. By integrating digital techniques into her work, Storm revitalizes the ancient art of tactile craftsmanship, firmly situating it within the contemporary landscape. Her pieces illuminate the interplay between diverse species, juxtaposing the digital and the tactile, abstract and detailed elements, and geometric and organic aspects. Through her exploration and harmonization of these contradictions and perspectives, both conceptually and visually, Storm aspires to “rewild the world,” essentially aiming to re-establish humanity’s connection with the natural world.

Storm’s limited-edition tufted tapestry collection, “The Art of Living Together,” draws inspiration from her travels across Angola and South Africa. Within this series, she skillfully translates her fascination with evolution and the natural phenomenon of symbiosis. Symbiosis, a major driver of evolution, involves the cooperation of animals, plants, fungi, and organisms to ensure mutual survival by contributing to each other’s support. This intricate relationship between dissimilar species often entails a long history of interdependent co-evolution.

In her collection “The Seasons,” which features limited-edition woven tapestries, Storm pays a vibrant tribute to the beauty and diversity of the natural world. She creates photographic digital assemblages, painstakingly crafted from hundreds of high-resolution images, which are then translated into intricately detailed jacquard tapestries. Her process represents a unique marriage between modern technology, in the form of digital rendering, and one of the earliest forms of textile production: weaving. Abundant flowers, plants, birds, insects, and butterflies come together to form a harmonious image that oscillates between the organic and the graphic.

Tjitske’s journey in the creative world began with her graduation in Fashion Design from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2009. During her studies, she developed a passion for patterns, prints, and textiles, which became the focal point of her subsequent collections. After graduation, she launched her own design practice, working on a variety of projects in the fashion industry while also leading a creative workspace for other artists in Amsterdam. Additionally, she gained valuable experience as a freelance editor and stylist for WeAr Global Magazine.

From 2014 to 2016, Tjitske worked at Marcel Wanders Studio, where she specialized in surface pattern and graphic design for bespoke product and interior projects. Following this, she continued her independent work on custom projects for esteemed companies like Moooi, Ted Baker, and Studio Marcel van Doorn. During these years, she traveled extensively, often collaborating with clients remotely and occasionally working with local interior firms in Cape Town, South Africa, and Luanda, Angola.

Currently, Tjitske resides in Oosterwold, a revolutionary neighborhood near Amsterdam. This unique community allows residents to design their sustainable housing within urban agriculture and biodiverse areas. Her decision to settle in this flourishing town was primarily driven by the desire to live in harmony with both her neighbors and nature.

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