Alex Roskin

Alex Roskin

Alex Roskin’s artistic practice seamlessly intertwines functional design principles with a rich tapestry of modernist sculptural allusions. Emulating the groundbreaking legacy of artistic visionaries such as Richard Serra, Jean Arp, and Constantin Brancusi, Roskin masterfully employs cast and hand-hammered metals with carved wood to materialize his modernist and primitive influences.

Beginning the creative process with a series of swift sketches, Roskin adeptly captures the essence of dynamic forms in motion. By sculpting 3D forms in foam and wood, he translates that movement into a structural model that is used for metal fabrication. Roskin’s sculptural furniture and lighting, balance masculine and feminine elements with forms that are active, powerful, and playful. His penchant for animality gives each work a sense of movement. Eschewing overt anthropomorphic mimicry in favor of subtle, sculpted muscularity, Roskin aptly remarks, “I try with each piece to create a stance and a presence, some with more contrapposto. I try to steer clear of the decorative, but rather to draw on mass, volume, line, negative space, and my love of materials and the craft of working with them.” Poised to step, or jump, or leap, each piece whether a table, a lamp, or a chair, has a sense of life to it, as if caught in the moment of taking a breath or taking flight. Blending might with elegance, the strength of Roskin’s work lies in his unparalleled ability to distill kinetic actions and gestures into tangible forms that retain a visceral sense of momentum.

Roskins works can be commissioned in polished or rubbed patina bronze, polished or blackened stainless steel, polished aluminum or aluminum with a range of faux bronze finishes.

Customizable wood accents are available in wide range including wenge, rosewood, mahogany in a variety of finishes including a torched shou sugi ban finish.

Roskin was born in Toulouse, France. After receiving a BFA in Sculpture from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design, he expanded his horizons with an apprenticeship that explored traditional English furniture design and craftsmanship. The apprenticeship, inspired by the work of famed twentieth-century British Arts and Crafts designer Edward Barnsley, enhanced Roskin’s skill with the hand tool technique of woodworking. In 2000, Roskin went on to earn his MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Roskin and his wife, a painter, live and work on a 220-acre farm-turned-nature preserve in Ancram, New York.

As Roskin works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.


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