Dominick Leuci

Dominick Leuci



Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Dominick Leuci since 2018. After meeting Todd Merrill in 2017, Dominick Leuci proposed the concept of a cohesive collection of LED sculptures derived from nature but incorporating modern design techniques and innovative materials. Leuci’s Eques’ Series is the first work of its kind to incorporate air inflated metal forms with LED lighting.  He works materials with a sense of alchemy to transform their essence into something new.

Art Nouveau, Romanticism and Modernism are all touch points for artist Dominick Leuci in creating his fresh visual lexicon. Individualism and sublime nature capture the Romantic era; curvilinear flora designs convey the period of Art Nouveau, and when combined with the non-traditional approach of the Modernist movement, Leuci’s work becomes unlinked to any specific period of design. It hovers and floats freely into the future.

‘Producing a mystery’ describes the creative intent behind works that bring an abstract moment into clear form.  Balancing the mechanical and organic processes behind creating, Leuci’s designs hover between the natural and man-made.

Having an extensive background in fashion and home design, Dominick incorporates his vision for art and design to create his works. Through his unique imaginary lens, and with an eye always drawn to the Cosmos, Leuci has a gravitational pull to the wonders of our material world and the mysteries of our universe.

As Leuci works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.


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