• 81228_ca_object_representations_media_18433_largesquare

    George Ranalli

    Todd Merrill Studio is pleased to announce our representation of esteemed architect and designer George Ranalli. Ranalli, whose work...

  • Untitled-1_0000_Tjitske Storm _ portrait 2 _ ph. Ellis Biemans _ 2022

    Tjitske Storm

    Renowned contemporary fiber artist Tjitske Storm is celebrated for her captivating tapestries that delve into the natural world while...

  • Untitled-1

    Morten Stenbæk

    Self-taught designer and furniture maker Morten Stenbæk believes that success lies in achieving a perfect balance between aesthetics and...

  • Untitled-1

    Andrea Marquis

    Todd Merrill Studio is now representing ceramist Andrea Marquis. Renowned for her technique of pushing visual and technical boundaries, her artistic practice centers on...

  • Untitled-1

    Gabriel Charbit

    Contemporary designer Gabriel Charbit’s creative journey was shaped by his educational background at Ecole Boulle and ENSCI, as well...

  • Untitled-13

    Erik Speer

    For the past eight years nomadic artist Erik Speer has been creating experimental fiber art collages that employ an...

  • Untitled-1

    Aurel K. Basedow

    Born in Munich in 1963, Aurel K. Basedow pursued a degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts...

  • Untitled-1

    Draga and Aurel

    Founded in 2007 in the town of Como, Italy, Draga & Aurel is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works...

  • 0

    Chapter & Verse

    For artists Joseph Cleghorn and Connor Moxam, truly exceptional design begins with a precise blend of technical expertise, artistic...

  • Portrait with Infusion copy

    Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris’ spellbinding glass sculptures, which he calls Infusion Blocks, boast a dynamic quality rooted in his ability to...

  • xArtist-Alice-Riehl-At-Work-in-Her-Studio.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Qk9b-cFFUe copy

    Alice Riehl

    By combining French decorative arts motifs, organic imagery, and contemporary motivations into visual poetry, French artist Alice Riehl’s porcelain...

  • Untitled-2 copy

    Christopher Russell

    In a career spanning over 30 years, New York City artist Christopher Russell has devoted himself to creating unique...

  • Djivan Headshot BW copy

    Djivan Schapira

    Designer Djivan Schapira draws from a wealth of divergent experiences and inspirations to create unique works of collective design...

  • Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 1.29.21 PM

    Paul Swan Topen

    Scottish born Artist/Designer, Paul Swan Topen has been designing and making for over 30 years. He studied for his...

  • 9FD01449-CE93-4A6C-A670-C779C45293BA_1_201_a

    Gerri Spilka

    By taking ordinary pieces of cotton and transforming them into forceful collages of luminous color, contemporary textile artist Gerri...

  • Sakura TRP 20004 : TRP20006 : TRP20002 artist Maarten Vrolijk (1966, The Netherlands) copy 2

    Maarten Vrolijk

    Amsterdam-based artist and designer Maarten Vrolijk believes that art should make people’s everyday lives more beautiful through the many...

  • Renata_Jakowleff

    Renata Schirm

    Hungarian born artist Renata Schirm creates evocative, material-focused work that conveys emotional and physical sensation. For over ten years...

  • GregorieScalabrePortrait2

    Grégoire Scalabre

    Todd Merrill Studio is please to represent French contemporary ceramist and sculptor Grégoire Scalabre. Scalabre relies on a growing...

  • Portrait

    Jeremy Dean

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Jeremy Dean in 2020. Multi-disciplinary artist Jeremy Dean has built a large following for...


    Vikram Goyal

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Indian artist Vikram Goyal in 2020. Celebrated for his exquisite contemporary works of sculptural...

  • designer-ole-wanscher

    Ole Wanscher

    Ole Wanscher studied at the Danish School of Art and Design, and was particularly influenced by Prof. Kaare Klint. After completing...

  • IMG_6701

    Curtis Fontaine

    Contemporary ceramist Curtis Fontaine unequivocally embodies the vanguard spirit of the artists of the 1960s who fostered a re-examination...

  • large

    Lionel Jadot

    Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Lionel Jadot since 2019. As a sixth-generation member of the...

  • Teemu-Salonen-portrait (1) copy

    Teemu Salonen

    In the realm of contemporary art and design Finnish visionary artist Teemu Salonen has adopted an iconoclastic approach that...

  • unnamed

    Boris Gratry

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Swiss artist Boris Gratry in 2019. Gratry’s abstract compositions share as unique a kinship...

  • kimyunhwan_portrait_2 (1) copy

    Yunhwan Kim

    Yunhwan Kim is a South Korean artist who has, in the past 5 years, made a significant mark in...

  • Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.43.22 AM

    Mindy Horn

    Todd Merrill Studio has represented Mindy Horn since 2019 . Horn believes that a life, an idea, or a...

  • portrait-Royere-1920x1200ok

    Jean Royère

    In 1931, aged 29, Jean Royère (1902-1981) resigned from a comfortable position in the import-export trade in order to...

  • IG7 copy

    Stefan Rurak

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing artist Stefan Rurak in 2019. Stefan Rurak’s furniture defies conventional boundaries – merging fine...

  • IMG_2705 (1)

    Damian Jones

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Welsh artist Damian Jones in 2018.  Jones creates hand-made, metal clad furniture out of...

  • DLeuci Portrait Sq Final Fall 18 copy

    Dominick Leuci

    Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Dominick Leuci since 2018. After meeting Todd Merrill in 2017,...

  • 05601cc5-bb56-4b26-bab6-195f09d1526a_rw_1920 copy

    Hannes Grebin

    Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Hannes Grebin since 2018. Berlin based, Bauhaus educated, multi-disciplinary designer...

  • kc

    Casey McMains

    Todd Merrill Studio has represented Casey McMains since 2018. McMains has made a name for herself through her intricately...

  • Nakashima Studio

    George Nakashima (1905-1990) was one of the preeminent studio furniture makers who emerged from the post-war period. He was born...

  • Karl Springer LTD

    In partnership with Mark Eckman, President of Karl Springer LTD, Todd Merrill has curated a selection of Karl Springer’s...

  • ron

    Ron Ferri

    Ron Ferri is a master at making the ordinary extraordinary.  Both creatively and conceptually ahead of his time, his visual...

  • barron-claiborne

    Barron Claiborne

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Barron Claiborne in 2000. Claiborne was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and is...

  • Castle-Front-Photo copy

    Wendell Castle

    Father of the art furniture movement, Wendell Castle (1932-2018) was a sculptor, designer, and educator for more than four...

  • IMG_4409 (1)

    Alex Roskin

    Alex Roskin’s artistic practice seamlessly intertwines functional design principles with a rich tapestry of modernist sculptural allusions. Emulating the...

  • 516A1114 copy

    John Procario

    Todd Merrill Studio has represented artist John Procario since 2016. Having grown up around his carpenter father’s workshop, Procario...

  • Sophie Coryndon

    Sophie Coryndon

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing UK artist Sophie Coyrndon in 2016. Since then her work has found a large...

  • Ron Seff photo

    Ron Seff

    Ron Seff (1934-1990) was a quintessential Manhattanite, living almost his entire life in the city. Ron Seff opened his...

  • paulevans

    Paul Evans

    Paul Evans (1931-1987) was an iconic American furniture designer, sculptor, and artist who is famous for his contributions to...

  • Phillip-Powell

    Phillip Lloyd Powell

    Born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, Phillip Lloyd Powell (1919-2008) began crafting furniture during his adolescent years. Powell worked with Paul...

  • james-mont

    James Mont

    James Mont (1904-1978), a notorious mid-century designer and interior decorator, counted gangsters and movie stars among his clients. His...

  • Springer Portrait

    Karl Springer

    Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Karl Springer (1931-1991) created custom designs with superb craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail....

  • Tommy-Parzinger-1930s

    Tommi Parzinger

    Tommi Anton Parzinger (1903–1981) was a German furniture designer and painter. Parzinger moved to New York in 1932, starting...

  • robsjohn-gibbings-chair

    T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings

    Terence Harold Robsjohn-Gibbings (1905–1976) was a British-born architect and furniture designer. In the late 1930s and 1940s, he was...

  • SMarx portrait2

    Samuel Marx

    Samuel Abraham Marx (1885-1964) was an American architect, designer and interior decorator. He is generally considered a modernist, influenced...

  • john-dickinson

    John Dickinson

    Heralded as one of the twentieth century’s most important designers, John Dickinson (1920-1982) created furnishings that delight the senses...

  • LaVerne Portrait

    Philip & Kelvin LaVerne

    The father and son team of Philip (1907-1987) and Kelvin (1937-) LaVerne created custom, limited edition pieces of furniture...

  • VK portrait

    Vladimir Kagan

    Vladimir Kagan (1927-2016) was a prolific American furniture designer. He was inducted into the Interior Designer Hall of Fame...

  • jack-rogers-hopkins-womb-room

    Jack Rogers Hopkins

    Jack Rogers Hopkins (1920-2006) was part of a California-based design movement in the late 1960s that promoted the use...

  • MiloB

    Milo Baughman

    Milo Ray Baughman, Jr. (1923-2003) was one of the leading modern furniture designers of the twentieth century. His uniquely...

  • Billy Haines Portrait

    William “Billy” Haines

    The number-one box office star of 1930, William “Billy” Haines (1900 – 1973) went on to become one of...

  • Merrill
  • frances-elkins

    Frances Elkins

    Frances Adler Elkins (1888-1953) was one of the most prominent grand-dame decorators of the first half of the twentieth...

  • andre-groult

    André Groult

    André Groult (1884–1966) was one of the most important and influential French designers of the Art Deco period. Much...

  • Pedro Friedeberg Biography

    Pedro Friedeberg

    Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican artist and designer known for his surrealist work filled with lines colors and ancient...

  • BC9A3371

    Markus Haase

    Todd Merrill Studio has represented Markus Haase since 2013. Influenced by classic and modern European sculptors, Haase masterfully combines...

  • MH_100416_03_ copy

    Molly Hatch

    Molly Hatch’s ceramic wall installations may best represent the “grey space” between fine art, contemporary design, and craft that...

  • erin

    Erin Sullivan

    Todd Merrill Studio has represented New York artist Erin Sullivan since 2013. Sullivan works primarily in bronze to create...

  • IMG_1047-440x660

    Gary Magakis

    Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Gary Magakis since 2013. Gary Magakis has built a cult-like...

  • CROP-Gareth-Neal-3164

    Gareth Neal

    Since 2013, Todd Merrill Studio has exhibited the work of designer Gareth Neal. Neal combines modern technology and traditional...

  • unnamed-1

    Ian Spencer / Yard Sale Project

    Todd Merrill Studio began representing Yard Sale Project in 2011. Ian Spencer and Cairn Young together form Yard Sale...


    Jan Yoors

    Jan Yoors (1922-1977) was born in Antwerp, Belgium to a cultured, liberal family of artists. At the age of...

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