Alice Riehl, Autoportrait de Couple, FR, 2022

Alice Riehl, Autoportrait de Couple, FR, 2022

Alice Riehl, Autoportrait de Couple, FR, 2022

By combining French decorative arts motifs, organic imagery, and contemporary motivations into visual poetry, French artist Alice Riehl’s porcelain wall murals exist in a liminal space between the natural and constructed worlds. Nurtured by the memory of her grandmother’s needlework, Riehl explores the combination of porcelain and lace, working the peculiar texture of this marriage into a personal signature of her botanical inspired ceramic works.

Autoportrait encompasses a collection of wall installations featuring enigmatic creatures that are a blend of both vertebrate and plant life – peacock-magnolias.

Throughout history of art, portraiture has held a distinct and codified status, symbolizing the social stature of its subjects. A full-length portrait, for instance, was a symbol of power, emphasizing the subject’s attire and possessions. Within this genre, self-portraits often reveal aspects of the subject’s character and intimacy, carefully chosen by the artist. In the contemporary milieu, selfies have emerged as the dominant rejuvenation of this time-honored tradition.

In Autoportrait de Couple, two peacocks create an illusion of romantic partnership. One confidently displays its splendid tail, engaging in a courtship dance that sends ripples of magnolia blossoms suspended in mid-air, injecting a sense of fluidity into the composition. The second peacock moves gracefully ahead of its partner, its long azure tail trailing behind like an elegant ribbon.

137w x 98h in
347.98w x 248.92h cm

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