Michael Rex, Sculpture #68, USA, 2023

Michael Rex, Sculpture #68, USA, 2023

Michael Rex, Sculpture #68, USA, 2023

Multi-dimensional artist Michael Rex’s recent venture into dimensional wire sculptures has yielded a series of captivating hanging works that stimulate the imagination on multiple fronts. Derived from biomorphic natural forms, each piece has the effect of an obsessive line drawing, the negative areas contributing to the illusion of mass. The diaphanous nature of the thin wire creates the effect of a silhouette suspended in space. 

Rex refers to his works as ‘floating forms’ as indeed they are. Viewed from different angles, his sculptures exhibit a beguiling ability to alter their form, with their sinuous lines superimposing, intertwining and reconfiguring based on the viewer’s position. As the light in the environment shifts, the shadows created by the intricate woven wire also change – bending, deepening, and moving fluidly over the surrounding surfaces.

Rex, born in New Zealand, has been involved in the arts, dance, and music from childhood. Later, his fashion industry businesses took him around the world, allowing him to hone his eye for talent both artistically and professionally. 

His sculptural work is driven by two primary inspirations, leading to the development of his unique visual language. As a child, he was captivated by the intricate knitting techniques of his mother and grandmother, often observing them transform yarn into beautiful creations. This early fascination resurfaced during a 2017 exhibition in Chelsea, where he encountered wire sculptures, including some by the late Japanese American artist Ruth Asawa. Inspired by these experiences, Michael began experimenting with wire, allowing each piece to evolve organically. Over three years of intense work he has perfected his process creating a personal and evolving visual language that speaks through his art.

Black Wire
121h x 44w x 44d in
307.34h x 111.76w x 111.76d cm

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