Sophie Coryndon, Tapetum Lucidum, UK, 2019

Sophie Coryndon, Tapetum Lucidum, UK, 2019

A diptych titled Tapetum Lucidum, magnifies the fine patterns and details of a pair of moth wings. Each exaggerated wing scale is cast from a sculpted master mold in carton pierre (a papier-mâché made to imitate stone or bronze) before being independently set with pins to create a fluid, cascading texture. The scales, in rich ochres, bronzes, and golds have been finished with wax and oil to imitate a leather-like material.

Her use of pins to secure each wing scale is a hidden reference to the display method popular in Victorian insect collecting. Historically, insect collecting became a very popular and widespread hobby in the Victorian age. The usual method of display is in a glass-covered box, with the insects mounted on specially made “insect pins.”

Coryndon’s experiment in pointillism illuminates the overlooked intricacies of the natural world, transfiguring the microscopic into the monumental.

As Coryndon works on a commission basis, custom works may be requested.

Medium: Carton Pierre, Wax, Oil

Dimensions: 48” H x 120” W x 5” D, 121.92 H x 304.80 W x 12.70 D cm

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