Chapter & Verse, Sarcomere Console II, USA, 2023

Chapter & Verse, Sarcomere Console II, USA, 2023

Chapter & Verse, Sarcomere Console II, USA, 2023

Design partners Joseph Cleghorn and Connor Moxam began working together in 2016, developing a reputation for the high level of engineering and craftsmanship they brought to custom furniture and millwork for some of the leading interior designers, artists and architects across the country. Experimentation and a drive to produce more innovative designs lead to an innovative proprietary technique they call “Sarcomere.” Manipulating woven strands of cardboard encased in a series of resin pours into complex patterns, the new material is durable, sustainable, with endless possibilities for both construction and design. Glazes, lacquers and applied metals, give the surface a metal-like look and feel.

The console cabinet’s top employs another idiosyncratic material derived from extensive trial and error. By engineering recycled rubber (typically used for playgrounds and running tracks) into rough granules cast in applied bronze, the two have created a tessellated surface that mimics Jean Dunand’s  “Coquille-d’œuf,” or eggshell lacquer.

Cardboard, paper, resin, glaze, lacquer
32.50h x 66w x 22d in
82.55h x 167.64w x 55.88d cm

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