Draga and Aurel, Monumental Maree Table in Jade, IT, 2023

Draga and Aurel, Monumental Maree Table in Jade, IT, 2023

Draga and Aurel, Monumental Maree Table in Jade, IT, 2023

The Maree Desk features two solid brass bases and a hand poured jewel toned resin top. At nearly 4 inches thick, is designed to achieve a liquid-look surface. The desk can be commissioned in custom sizes up to 20 feet, exclusively through the gallery.

Draga and Aurel, founded in 2007 in the town of Como, Italy, is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in unique works that blend colored resins, concrete, bronze, and brass. Inspired by Minimalism’s simplified volumes, retro-futuristic experimentation of Space Age design, and the eye-bending patterns of Optical Art, partners Draga Obradovic and Aurel Basedow have brilliantly synthesized these varied influences to build an all-new collection called “Transparency Matters’, entirely fabricated by hand in their Como atelier.

Interpreting the power of transparency to illuminate, delight, transform and distort, Draga and Aurel have perfected the art of resin, achieving high strength, jewel-toned, crystal-clear furniture, lighting, and accessories. “This collection is a symbol of our evolution as designers and artists. We approached the project holistically, mastering new processes, working with new materials and creating each piece by hand in our atelier. Designing this collection was an opportunity for us to express our joy and think outside the box following a decade of partnerships and collaborations,” explains Draga Obradovic.

Extended sizing on certain works available exclusively through Todd Merrill Studio on a commission basis. 

brass, resin
size by commission

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