Markus Haase, Over-scaled Ash and Marble Aeolian Table, USA, 2021

Markus Haase, Over-scaled Ash and Marble Aeolian Table, USA, 2021

Markus Haase, Over-scaled Ash and Marble Aeolian Table, USA, 2021

Haase’s table, Aeolian, is inspired by ripples in windblown sand, epitomizing the sculptor’s distinct approach to fluidly melding stone and wood together. The artist’s decades of experience as a sculptor are evident in his masterful treatment of materials. The carved appears as malleable as drapery as it curves in smooth undulations of convex and concave forms beneath a hand-carved grey and white marble top. 

The low table shown is finished using the shousugi-ban method, an ancient Japanese finishing technique that preserves wood by charing it with fire. In addition to being aesthetically striking and elegant, the wood is rot, pest, weather, UV light, and fire resistant.  Other wood finishes may be accommodated. 

In 2013, Haase launched his first series of sculptural design exclusively with Todd Merrill Studio. Since then, his work has attracted the attention of designers, critics, and collectors worldwide. Haase creates unique works of art, sculptural pieces of furniture, and lighting design that demonstrate his sculpting virtuosity through his works that imbue wood, metal, and stone with a remarkable sense of fluidity and movement. Carved wood and marble assume the qualities of drapery, while his dexterity in combining these elements with dynamic LED technology defines a new artistry for the twenty-first century. As Todd Merrill describes, “Markus Haase is not making a piece of furniture or lighting that looks like art… He is a sculptor making art that serves functional ends.” 

As Haase works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested. 

Medium: Marble and Ash

Shown Dimensions: 16h x 90w x 56d in / 40.64h x 228.60w x 142.24d cm

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