Gabriel Charbit, Metropolis Series Screen, USA, 2023

Gabriel Charbit, Metropolis Series Screen, USA, 2023

Gabriel Charbit, Metropolis Series Screen, USA, 2023

Contemporary designer Gabriel Charbit’s creative journey was shaped by his educational background at Ecole Boulle and ENSCI, as well as an engineering degree. With a keen eye for observation, Gabriel delves into various realms, seeking inspiration from the surrounding worlds and allowing forms to emerge, sparking his ever-renewed curiosity. Following the completion of his master’s degree in design, Gabriel gained valuable experience by working for an architecture firm, a molding workshop, and a furniture edition company. It was during this period that his life’s calling became clear—a project of his own edition company.

Driven by a passion for decontextualization, Gabriel endeavors to transpose works into new settings. He finds fascination in landscapes, cultures, social norms, human characters, and their behaviors, as well as games. His remarkable collection, “Metropolis,” takes enthusiasts on a mesmerizing stroll through the streets of Manhattan, where furniture transcends its traditional role and becomes architectural marvels themselves. New York’s iconic skyscrapers serve as the backdrop for Gabriel’s inspiration, while the forefront showcases carefully selected materials and functions meticulously brought to life in wood or metal. The “Metropolis” collection encompasses a range of furniture pieces, including desks, consoles, sconces, and room dividers.

Reflecting on his line of furniture, Gabriel shares, “If I were to describe this collection, I would say it resembles me.” Recalling the inception of his creative journey, he reminisces about designing his first furniture piece in his Buenos Aires room. A simple yet playful design featuring two towers of different sizes placed side by side, with a man comfortably seated on the smaller one, leaning against the taller tower. This chair evoked great amusement in Gabriel, prompting him to explore variations inspired by specific architectural styles from diverse cultures, which he aptly named “Sillas del mundo,” chairs of the world.

New York City is full of colors among the façades of its architecture, within the people walking its streets, here I meander. I came up with this color pallet while spending a day in Brooklyn’s Transmitter Park, taking pictures from the jetty overlooking the East river, observing the colorways of light changing on the buildings as the day was going by. Some of them caught my eye, like the Freedom Tower, wearing a multitude of shades of blues, like a rhapsody. The rhapsody in blue showing it’s face on the Freedom Tower. If Gershwin had lived to see that. I thought of Walt Disney, Fantasia, and I realized, this is what my first Skyline Screen should represent.

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