K. Gretchen Greene, Sea Foam, USA, 2016

K. Gretchen Greene, Sea Foam, USA, 2016

K. Gretchen Greene, Sea Foam, USA, 2016

K. Gretchen Greene’s wall-mounted sculpture Sea Foamis the artist’s visual response to the beauty and turbulence of sea life, where welded steel and lacquer sculptural waves are poised to crash, ready to engulf the viewer. Seeking the limits of her tools and material, she heats, hammers, bends, curls, and overlaps steel. Then, with graceful sweeping gestures, she draws with fire, leaving silver, bronze, and cobalt tones.

The intricacies of Greene’s multidisciplinary mind—she is not only a sculptor and painter, but also a mathematician and lawyer—are visually expressed by the complexities of her intensive, artistic process. Every piece she makes is unique, handmade and available also by commission with custom dimensionality.

The artist’s work resides in prestigious private and public collections, including: of the House of Dior, The Providence Children’s Museum, Oberlin College, University of California at Los Angeles, amongst others.

52″ H x 104″ W x 14″ D

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