K. Gretchen Greene, Tide Tables, USA, 2013

K. Gretchen Greene, Tide Tables, USA, 2013

K. Gretchen Greene, Tide Tables, USA, 2013

“Tide Tables” by K. Gretchen Greene, steel and lacquer wall mounted sculpture.

<<I write with fire.  Sensual fragments of memory and reflection tumble forth and find new form, now etched in steel.  Faster than my thoughts, I release the trigger, pause, and then race on.

Each piece in the Reflections series explores a theme, combining strong fragmentary memories of place with reflections inspired by those recollections.

The text is composed without revision, in place at the welding table, torch in hand, each fragment leading to the next.  A dervish, I am just able to capture each word’s loops and dots and dives, unable to linger.  I’ll quickly bite through my thin canvas, if I hesitate or even slow.

The series is an exploration of and an experiment with time, with extreme juxtapositions of past and present.  I mine a half a century for memories, my own and others’, linking across generations.  My subject matter stretches the past much further, evoking geological timescales.  But I demand a process which is sharply present.  I write those thoughts which flow together at the moment I stand at the table.  I write one and then the next.  I cannot erase or amend. Like a Chinese painter with horsehair brush and ink, I have chosen a tool where timing matters dearly.  The slightest hesitation shows in the character of my lines, in the width and depth and the spatter of molten steel. >>

Greene’s studio is located in the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA, where she is constantly developing innovative techniques to create delicate, abstract, organic forms from steel.

Her work was featured in The Magazine Antiques, The Boston Globe, The Economist and Boston.com and is part of private collections internationally and is in institutional collections including the Providence Children’s Museum, Oberlin College, University of California at Los Angeles and Ventura Unified School District.

Greene is a finalist for the Zion National Park Artist Residency for 2014. Her work is on view through November 15th in “Visions Revealed” an annual artists’ competition at the Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY.

She was recently interviewed for USA Today and Forbes China about her studio in the Artisan’s Asylum and the growing popularity of the makerspace movement across America.

Dimensions:  4′ H x 9’6″ W x 9″ D






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