Lionel Jadot, Show Clothes, BE, 2020

Lionel Jadot, Show Clothes, BE, 2020

Lionel Jadot’s mixed media and glass wardrobe, titled Show Clothe was conceived for a dressing room, the interior becoming an installation for its inner contents. In his typical fashion of juxtaposing disparate components, the greenhouse-like wardrobe is composed of bamboo, copper, scraps of wood veneer, handles of marine hardware, and sculpted brass faceted feet. In a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, the ceiling is painted in a vibrant bright green. While not easily categorized by a singular style, Lionel Jadot’s work could most easily be recognized by his affinity for repurposed materials and his deft eye at creating harmony and balance out of the collision of disparate elements. With the vision and confidence to experiment and evolve, Jadot has made a practice of skirting tradition by mixing genres, inspirations, and materials to achieve his iconoclastic vision. Key to his work process is a strong belief in craftsmanship and integrity in terms of behavior and approach.

Medium: Steel, Stainless Steel Handles from Boat, Copper, Bamboo, Veneer, Brass, LED

Dimensions: 85.24″ H x 75.59″ W x 27.56″ D in, 216.50h x 192w x 70d cm

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