Pia Maria Raeder, Sea Anemone 11 Floor Light, DE

Pia Maria Raeder, Sea Anemone 11 Floor Light, DE

Pia Maria Raeder, Sea Anemone 11 Floor Light, DE

Pia Maria Raeder is dedicated to expressing her unique vision of nature by translating its aesthetic wonders into sculptural pieces. Inspired by organic structures, her practice fosters emotional and tactile engagement, aiming to create vibrant and surprising artworks that resonate with viewers.

Her work has earned global recognition, including a place in the permanent collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France. In 2021, Raeder was selected by the House of Dior as one of 12 international women artists to reimagine the ‘Miss Dior’ bottle.

Raeder’s acclaimed ‘Sea Anemone’ series captures the ocean’s beauty, crafted from thousands of meticulously arranged beechwood rods. Liberated from its original form, the wood transforms into undulating shapes that seem infused with life, echoing nature’s essence. Each piece reflects Raeder’s abstract interpretation of nature’s allure and fragility, exemplifying her meticulous craftsmanship and biomorphic style. Through intensive creative processes, like those used in the Sea Anemone collection, Raeder’s sculptures come to life, offering homage to the sea’s treasures.

4000 lacquered beach rods, white and smoked glass, bronze
64.60h x 19.70w x 17.30d in
164.08h x 50.04w x 43.94d cm

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