Teemu Salonen, Chinese Restaurant No. 8, FI, 2020

Teemu Salonen, Chinese Restaurant No. 8, FI, 2020

Teemu Salonen, Chinese Restaurant No. 8, FI, 2020

Finnish artist Teemu Salonen challenges traditional Scandinavian design by adopting an unconventional and innovative approach. In his studio, he combines various materials and techniques to create extraordinary sculptural objects, prioritizing form over function. With a background in curating and craft design, Salonen’s artistic identity combines classical elegance with eccentricity. He constantly pushes boundaries, embraces unorthodox processes, and reinterprets materials such as fiberglass, ceramics, glass, and found objects to conceive innovative forms.

Salonen draws inspiration from diverse sources: classical design, sarcasm, kitsch, discarded debris, and the contradictions of artistic expression. His art unfolds with a dark and dreamy allure, blending sweetness with subtle menace, effortlessly combining sophistication with ostentatious flourishes. Demonstrating his nimble mastery of genres, techniques, and materials, Salonen thrives in uncharted territories, where the unknown invites opportunity.

In Salonen’s realm, artistic daring and enigmatic allure merge, challenging familiarity. His works possess an obscure charm that invites viewers into a world where the impossible becomes reality and dreams materialize.

Medium: Ceramic, Paint, LED

Dimensions: 25.50h x 17.50w x 17.50d in // 64.77h x 44.45w x 44.45d cm

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