Yunhwan Kim

Yunhwan Kim

Todd Merrill Studio has been the exclusive representative of Yunhwan Kim since 2019 .Seoul-based designer Yunhwan Kim’s remarkable hand-carved furniture began as series of small objects – trays, vessels, bowls – that had, what he calls, “unintended shapes.” Scrutinizing these objects, Kim found that by connecting them, reversing them to expose dips and arcs, and modifying the shapes, the works unfolded, taking on a life of their own.

Irregular, improvisational and organic, Kim’s forms vaguely reflect the silhouette of spilled water.  There is a fluid, topographic quality defined by large contoured shapes which are interconnected by tributary or branch-like forms.

Eventually, having connected more than 40 elements into one large abstract piece, the curve and shape of a cabinet door emerged and the independent objects grew naturally into Kim’s unique sculptural furniture.

As Kim works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.



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