Pia Maria Raeder, Stardust Console, DE, 2020

Pia Maria Raeder, Stardust Console, DE, 2020

Pia Maria Raeder, Stardust Console, DE, 2020

Pia Maria Raeder is dedicated to expressing her unique vision of nature by translating its aesthetic wonders into sculptural pieces. Inspired by organic structures, her practice fosters emotional and tactile engagement, aiming to create vibrant and surprising artworks that resonate with viewers.

For her recent collection, Stardust, Raeder wanted to evoke “a feeling of seeing a sky full of stars, that glimmering, diamond dust that dances across the night sky.” To create this effect, she turned to metal, particularly liquid silver, “which gives the widest spectrum of light,” she notes, and creates that glowing, lustrous surface, seen for example in the “Stardust Standing Mirror” and “Stardust Console.”, each crafted from thousands of beechwood pearls with metallized surface.

Raeder has always been drawn to bronze and its rich, natural patina. For a new collection of indoor and outdoor furniture Raeder has been researching for nearly two years to get the right results. The pieces are cast using clay moulds, with some, if not all of the parts made of bronze. “It is all very satisfying and exciting to see this dream become reality,” she says.

Mirror, Beechwood Pearls, Silver, Waxed Concrete
70.87h x 59.06w x 13.39d in
180h x 150w x 34d cm

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