“Spotted” Cfile.daily: Molly Hatch Plate Assemblages

Molly Hatch Paragon, 2015

Molly HatchParagon, 2015, 63 porcelain plates hand painted with glaze, underglaze and 11k gold luster, 90 x 70 x 11 in,


Molly Hatch, Myrmidon (2015) Photo: Todd Merrill Studio.

Molly Hatch, Myrmidon, 2016, 63 hand painted earthenware plates, 11 karat gold luster, 90 x 70 x 11.5 in




We love Molly Hatch around the Cfile offices. We’ve been profiling her porcelain plate assemblages for years whenever we see them. We caught some of her work we hadn’t seen yet on her Artsy page and are proud to show them off here. From Molly’s bio:

Born the daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, Molly was raised to be creatively industrious. Using her imagination and love of drawing to make everything from her well known idiosyncratic ceramics to quirky pen-and-ink drawings. Molly’s craft is finely honed, her designs whimsically literal and pop-culturally on-point.

Working from her home studio, Molly began making her living as a full-time studio potter in 2008. Her formal education in ceramics and drawing resulted in the development of her signature style. Making contemporary ceramics inspired by history, Molly’s career as a studio potter quickly garnered a loyal following. Molly’s designs have expanded beyond tableware to a wide range of lifestyle products and Molly is actively growing collections of home goods to bring her modern yet traditional designs to the contemporary home.

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