Ian Spencer / Yard Sale Project

Ian Spencer / Yard Sale Project

Todd Merrill Studio began representing Yard Sale Project in 2011. Ian Spencer and Cairn Young together form Yard Sale Project, a unique force of talent in the world of design. Yard Sale Project’s one-of-a-kind pieces of wooden furniture combine Young’s highly accomplished technical designs with Spencer’s master craftsmanship.

Yard Sale Project developed the “chaos theory,” a construction method that transcends traditional material boundaries. When considering which woods complement each other and which clash, Yard Sale Project discovered that with enough variety, such considerations become insignificant. A work composed of a “chaotic” mixture of woods becomes harmonious and balanced. Yard Sale Project’s rejection of tradition in woodworking has informed their attitude towards other materials, an example of which is seen through their use of plastic plumbing pipes to make their OSMA chair.

Yard Sale Project’s works reside in prestigious collections around the world and have been exhibited at art fairs and museums including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, New York; the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington.

As Yard Sale Project works on a commission basis, custom designs may be requested.

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